Introducing ShizuPass


SHIZUPASS is the official portal site of the public free LAN project "Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise" promoted in the Chubu region of Shizuoka Prefecture (Shizuoka, Yaizu, Fujieda, Shimada).
It is a Wi-Fi tourism site for inbound tourists ((Multilingual) to easily search on maps for free local government Wi-Fi spots in the Chubu area and tourism information after landing.

Wi-Fi Spots Tourism Spots
Tại Shizuoka, Shizuoka 402 1025
Yaizu, Aichi 67 79
Thi, Saitama 30 42
Shimada, Saitama 54 77
Yoshida, Okayama 10 21

Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise


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